Lucky Feeling Rings True for Crofton Powerball Player

Wins $50,000 with Powerball’s new Double Play option.

An Anne Arundel County woman can thank a lucky feeling for inspiring her fateful purchase of a ticket in the October 23 Powerball drawing. That gut feeling led to a $50,000 Double Play prize.

The 27-year-old said she only purchases Lottery tickets a few times a year. That night, she stopped at an Odenton convenience store and packed her five lines of Powerball numbers using significant family dates. The Crofton woman added both of the game’s bonus options: Power Play and Double Play.

“I had a feeling and decided to go with it,” said the winner.

Later, after checking the results of the drawing, she thought she matched a few winning numbers for a small prize on her $20 ticket. When she sought out a Lottery ticket checker to confirm the win, she was surprised at the message the scanner flashed back: “Congratulations, you’re a $50,000 winner!”

“I kept it together until I made it to my car, then I called my husband to share the news. I am still beside myself,” said the lucky woman.

Her decision to opt for the game’s new Double Play option made her ticket a big winner. Although she didn’t win on that evening’s regular Powerball drawing, the Double Play results matched four of her lucky numbers and the Powerball to win the $50,000 prize.

The happy player says she plans to use her winnings to pay down debt and put a portion away to save for her family. “I got really lucky, so I want to make sure I take advantage of that luck,” she said.

She found her ticket at Lucky’s Deli & Market located at 1101 Odenton Road in Odenton.