Lucky Feeling Steers Boat Captain in Winning Direction

John Ingram - Money Bank BingoAn itchy hand signaling luck was near led to a $40,000 Lottery win for John and Melanie Ingram of Pasadena.

Anne Arundel County man finds $40,000 top prize scratch-off

A Pasadena tug boat operator whose itchy hand rarely steers him wrong when it comes to luck scratched that itch the Maryland Lottery way — with a $40,000 winning scratch-off.

John Ingram of Pasadena, who rarely plays Maryland Lottery games, did so when his hand started itching. His mom insists an itchy hand is a sign that good luck was near.

“I got that feeling and didn’t waste a minute,” John said. “I stopped at the BP station and bought a handful of scratch tickets.” He left the Curtis Bay retailer with his instant tickets and was overjoyed when he played the $3 Money Bank Bingo game at home.

“I won $100 right away, but when I tried to cash it in later the clerk told me he couldn’t, that I had to go to the claim center.” Knowing that a visit to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore was required only for big winners, John re-examined his ticket.

“I saw then that it was a $40,000 winner,” he said. “I started shaking.”

John, 37, and his wife Melanie plan to use some of the prize to take their daughter to Disney World in Florida. As for his next Lottery purchase? John tells us, “Well, I’m still playing with house money without even counting this big win. My lucky feeling has taken good care of me, and it’s still working.”

When his hand next starts itching, he’s sure to drop anchor and head directly to the Pasadena BP station at 7400 Fort Smallwood Road in Curtis Bay. For selling the top-prize ticket, the lucky retailer will receive a $400 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.