‘Lucky Filly’ is Excited Over Big Powerball Win

The “Lucky Filly,” a horse owner from Baltimore, won a $50,000 Powerball prize in the Jan. 9 drawing.

Baltimore resident receives ticket from father, wins $50,000

It’s an exciting time for one young woman from Baltimore. Thanks to her dad, who occasionally buys Lottery tickets for her and her two older siblings, she can now enjoy a $50,000 Powerball win.

Her dad and a buddy of his visited the High’s store located at 3045 Rogers Avenue in Ellicott City and bought a few quick-pick Powerball tickets for the kids on Jan. 9. The lucky winner, who is 21, realized that she had a $50,000 ticket while she watched the drawing live on WBAL-TV that night. Needless to say, she has been excited ever since.

The Baltimore resident has owned a rescue horse for the past eight years. Hence, she dubbed herself the “Lucky Filly.” The recent college graduate said she plans to use a portion of her prize to pay her horse’s lodging, and she also will put money into savings and buy a few video games.

She won her prize during Powerball’s historic run last month. The jackpot in the Jan. 9 drawing was more than $900 million, and it reached a world-record $1.6 billion before three winning tickets were sold in Florida, Tennessee and California for the Jan. 13 drawing. She was one of 46 Marylanders who won $50,000 Powerball prizes during the run between jackpots (Nov. 5, 2015 through Jan. 13, 2016).