‘Lucky Fisherman’ Lands another Big Catch with Max A Million Scratch-off

Ronald Cager of Bowie is back in the Lottery Winner’s Circle after claiming a $50,000 prize.

Bowie man finds $50,000 winner in $20 game

Ronald Cager, who goes by the nickname “Lucky Fisherman,” can add another trophy fish to his winning Maryland Lottery collection. The Bowie man is $50,000 richer, thanks to his latest win with the Max A Million scratch-off. He previously won the game’s $1,000,000 top prize!

Ronald said he came across his winning scratch-off on his regular trip after work to buy Lottery games. He routinely plays many of the Lottery’s games, including Mega Millions, Powerball, Pick 3, Pick 4 and scratch-offs. For jackpot and draw games, the 53-year-old plays special numbers with personal significance such as birthdays, cards or phone numbers. The “Lucky Fisherman’s” favorite scratch-off is Max A Million, a $20 game, because he wins prizes.

Having won the $1 million prize previously, Ronald knew for sure what he was going to do with his windfall. The “Lucky Fisherman” plans to keep a large portion of this win in the bank and allocate some funds for a family vacation to treat loved ones with some well-deserved attention.

The Prince George’s County winner isn’t the only one landing a big catch from the lucky Max A Million scratch-off. His Lottery retailer, Quality Beer and Wine at 13826 Old Columbia Pike in Silver Spring, can promote its lucky Lottery store status for selling a $50,000 winning scratch-off.