Lucky Germantown Man Finds Third Big Lottery Prize

$10K Keno-Smallwood_web

Keno delivers a $10,000 prize to Terry Smallwood of Germantown.

Claims $10,000 Keno win

Terry Smallwood of Germantown just renewed his big winner status with the Maryland Lottery, claiming a $10,000 Keno prize.

The Montgomery County man found his lucky ticket at the Sugarloaf Wine Cellar in Germantown. He placed a $15 6-spot wager and, because he added the Super Bonus option, saw his prize double. His winning numbers were 4, 6, 19, 24, 54 and 63.

“I’ve been blessed to have been able to win money playing the Lottery,” he said. “It really is a gratifying feeling to win like this.”

The 53-year-old won $25,000 on Sept. 30 playing Pick 4 using his lucky numbers, 2, 1, 5 and 4. He also won a $50,000 prize seven years ago on a $20 scratch-off.

“I’ve been playing those numbers for nearly 30 years,” Terry said. “The numbers 2, 1, 5, 4 were part of a serial code on one of my old bank cards that I use to have years ago. I just liked those numbers, for some reason, and I’ve been playing them ever since.”

The U.S. Army retiree was talking with a group of friends he sees regularly at the Sugarloaf Wine Cellar when he noticed that most of his Keno numbers had popped up on the Keno monitor. “I didn’t scream or jump up and down but I began to feel very happy,” he said.

Terry enjoys playing Lottery games like Keno because he can hang out with friends while playing. “I also feel like as long as I can afford to play a few Lottery games here and there and I’m not using important bill money like my mortgage money when I do, then what’s the harm. The fact that I’ve been winning over the years, doesn’t hurt either.”

The happy winner plans to give some of his winnings to his daughter for graduating college and may buy a new grill. The rest of the prize will go into savings.

His lucky Montgomery County retailer also benefits from his big win. Sugarloaf Wine Cellar located at 12955 Wisteria Drive will receive a $100 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 and up.