Lucky Glance at Sign Leads to $100,000 Maryland Lottery Win

Baltimore resident claims top 40 Rubies scratch-off prize

40 RubiesTalk about a gem of a ticket! A Baltimore woman was shocked when her 40 Rubies scratch-off ticket revealed that she won the last unclaimed $100,000 top prize. The lucky winner plays the Maryland Lottery about three times a month and has won smaller prizes, but never anything this large.

Her journey to good fortune began a few days before her win. She saw a sign at a Maryland Lottery retailer that listed how many top prizes remained for various scratch-offs. As she scanned the list, the state employee noticed that only one top prize remained for 40 Rubies. She thought about purchasing a 40 Rubies scratch-off, but decided the timing didn’t feel right.

The 45-year-old felt luckier a few days later while out with her mother. When her mom stopped to buy scratch-offs, our winner recalled the sign she saw earlier in the week and she told her mom to buy her a 40 Rubies ticket.

Later that night, the lucky woman decided to scratch her 40 Rubies ticket one number at a time without revealing the prizes. As she matched one of her numbers to the winning numbers, her excitement grew. She then scratched underneath the corresponding number to reveal $100,000. The winner stood in shock and started to shake. She nervously called her mother and brothers to tell them what she thought she saw on her ticket.

The group immediately met at her brother’s house to double-check the ticket. When they realized she won the top prize, her family members laughed with joy. The woman is so happy she noticed the “prizes remaining” sign because she believes it helped lead her to this win.

Our winner plans to use her prize to pay off her bills and will then kindly share the remainder with her family. She bought the winning ticket at the Shell Mini Market at 4598 Edmondson Avenue in Baltimore.