Lucky in Love Lottery Winner


Wins $50,000 Big Money Mega Play Scratch-off Prize

Can I do the Cabbage Patch dance?” asked Donald Cole III, when Lottery officials confirmed that he had won $50,000.  They gave him the go ahead and Donald got up from his seat and began to do his celebration boogie.

The delighted winner said that his winning day started with a trip to the ATM machine. He then went to the Olney Shell to purchase his Lottery tickets. Donald took his tickets home to scratch and had played a few before revealing his win on the Big Money Mega Play. “I must have looked at that ticket 2,500 times,” said the 52-year-old.  He then immediately called his “bride.”

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Although, married for nine years and together for 16, Donald still affectionately refers to his wife this way.  “I knew after three or four dates, that she was the one,” he said. “I’m married to the most amazing woman on the planet.” Donald then recounted how she had stood by him as he fought for his life back when he had a brain aneurism burst in 1999. After a miraculous full recovery, the two remain inseparable with this the latest of his lucky moments. “When I told her the news she was excited,” said Donald. “She always tells me, ‘you are the luckiest man.’”

As far as plans for his $50,000, Donald’s response was quick and concise, “Buy something I don’t need,” he said. The winning ticket was purchased at Olney Shell, located at 18040 Georgia Ave. in Olney.

Donald Cole - Big Money Mega Play

Donald Cole III celebrates his Big Money Mega Play scratch-off win.