‘Lucky John’ Feeling Blessed after Racetrax Win

“Lucky John” of Baltimore found his big Racetrax win playing the same four horses he won a big prize on a few years ago.

Claims $22,082.10 prize with Superfecta Box bet

A Baltimore man who goes by “Lucky John” is feeling especially fortunate after winning a second big Racetrax prize using the exact same combination of four horses. The 57-year-old scored a $7,000 Racetrax prize some time ago and is now celebrating a $22,082.10 win.

John McLain is an avid Lottery player who tries his luck several times a week. On Sept. 13, he stopped at 7-Eleven #23698 located at 6401 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore to brighten his day with nine games of Racetrax. He placed a Superfecta Box bet on horses 5, 7, 9 and 10 and added the Bonus multiplier to his ticket. On the seventh race, his horses crossed the finish line together and the 3X Bonus tripled his prize.

“I feel blessed,” said “Lucky John.” When asked of his plans for the prize, he said that he plans to invest it and put some funds toward his upcoming wedding.

John has worked as a licensed barber for the past four years. When he’s not playing Lottery games or cutting hair, he enjoys playing basketball and chess as well as drawing.

He isn’t the only one celebrating his big win. The 7-Eleven that sold the winning ticket earns a $220 bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.