Lucky Lady Nearly Trashes $100,000 Winning Scratch-off

Allegany County woman wins top prize on Crossword Deluxe game

261-Crossword-Deluxe-ITVMA forgotten Maryland Lottery scratch-off delivered a $100,000 win to a Frostburg woman, who is in shock over the size of the prize and the fact that the instant ticket almost went in the trash.

Her near-miss saga began when the 47-year-old bought a $10 Crossword Deluxe scratch-off from the Beer, Wine & Spirits Warehouse in town. She’s partial to crossword scratch-offs, the woman said, because “they’re just more fun than some of the others.”

The Allegany County resident left the instant ticket in her car and forgot about it for about three weeks. While cleaning out the vehicle one day, she happened to spot it just before the paper scratch-off joined other items in the trash. The lucky woman took the ticket inside, where she scratched it off and then used the Maryland Lottery app on her phone to scan it. She had to find her eyeglasses so that she could see all of the zeroes in the $100,000 win, she said. “There was no one else in the house so when I saw it, I just sat down and kept quiet.”

The happy player has only shared her good news with her husband. She’s worked in the auto detailing business for about 20 years and may use her $100,000 prize to start a business of her own.

The Lottery retailer shares in the fun of the win, too. The Beer, Wine & Spirits Warehouse located at 36 South Broadway in Frostburg will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize scratch-off in the game. In other good news, there is still one more unclaimed $100,000 top prize remaining in the game along with six $10,000 prizes and thousands of smaller prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.