Lucky Lady Purchases Lucky Times 20 Winning Ticket at Lucky Store

Lucky Times 20Luck was in the cards yesterday for an 84-year-old Odenton woman.  Not only did the lucky lady purchase a $50,000 winning Lucky Times 20 scratch-off ticket, but she bought the ticket at a Lucky Superette store.

The “luck” couldn’t have come at a better time.  Feeling the pain of a recent death in her family, the winner was relieved to have a little joy come into her life.  She purchased the ticket early yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to scratch it until last night.  “Once before, I scratched a ticket and thought I had won $5,000, but it was only $500,” said the winner, who plans to pay some bills with her prize.  “This time, I had my son double check it to be sure I wasn’t seeing things.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Lucky’s Superette, located at 1101 Odenton Rd. in Odenton.  This was the second $50,000 Lucky Times 20 prize claimed at Lottery Headquarters today.  Earlier, a Silver Spring man claimed his prize.  The Lucky Times 20 game still has two $1 million top prizes, four $50,000 prizes, and many more lower-tier prizes remaining.