Lucky Laurel Lady Claims $50,000 MONOPOLY™ Bonus Drawing Prize [VIDEO]


Unable to contain her enthusiasm, Akashi Lewis, gushed about her $50,000 MONOPOLY™ bonus drawing prize. The Laurel resident, who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by her Aunt, kept repeating, “I thought it couldn’t be me. So, if you think it can’t be you, it can be!”

The 39-year-old mother-of-two entered the MONOPOLY bonus drawing 25 times. “I also played the game online,” said Akashi. “It was pretty fun and pretty neat too.” An employee at a billing company, Akashi was at work when she received the good news. “I saw Maryland Lottery on the caller ID,” she said. “I thought it was a work-related call.”

Work soon turned to pleasure, when the lucky winner was informed of her $50,000 prize. “ The Lottery official asked if I had room in my bank account for $50,000,” said Akashi. “I told her, ‘I sure do. Then I screamed and I cried and I think I said H-E-double hockey sticks.’”

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With a 20-year-old daughter already in college and another 18-year-old soon to begin, Akashi plans to use her prize money for tuition. She also intends to continue entering the MONOPOLY bonus drawings. “Yes, of course, I’m going to enter more,” said Akashi. “In fact, I have tickets on standby waiting for me to enter.”

The $5 MONOPOLY™ scratch-off has a top prize of $50,000. Players may also enter non-winning MONOPOLY™ tickets for additional $50,000 bonus drawings. To enter the bonus drawings, players must submit their non-winning MONOPOLY™ tickets at

Akashi Lewis - Monopoly

“I thought it couldn’t be me. So, if you think it can’t be you,
it can be,” said Akashi.