Lucky Lottery Day for Crisfield Construction Worker [VIDEO]


$250,000 Win One of Three Prizes on Same Day

Richard Taylor’s wife, Lisa, is determined to win the Ravens Cash Fantasy Internet promotion $1 million prize – so much so that she purchased an entire book of tickets as a Christmas gift for him.  The gift produced almost $400 and, with his winnings, Richard purchased more Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-offs.  This extra set of tickets, he would discover later, included the best Christmas gift he’d ever received.

While conducting his Lottery transaction – cashing in the winners and buying those additional Ravens Cash Fantasy tickets – Richard began his day-long streak of Lottery luck with a Keno win and a Pick 3 win.  Pleased with his early successes, Richard took his new Ravens Cash Fantasy tickets home to scratch with Lisa.  She was out of the room for a moment, though, when he got to ticket number 35.  When his scratching revealed a $250,000 win, Richard didn’t know what to do.  “I started screaming for my wife,” he said.

“The first thing that came to my mind was to do the responsible thing and pay the electric bill,” Richard said. However, he also plans to sell his house on the Chesapeake and build a brand new cabin on eight acres of property.

Richard, who has owned a construction business for 23 years, enjoys playing all Lottery games, especially Pick 3.  The winning ticket was purchased at the Crisfield Oceanic, located at 55 Richardson Avenue in Crisfield. The Ravens Cash Fantasy game still has two $250,000 instant top-prizes remaining.  Players can enter to win $1 million, and Ravens-themed prizes, by entering the Internet promotion at

Richard Taylor - Ravens Cash Fantasy

Richard Taylor, from Crisfield, is the fourth $250K Ravens Cash Fantasy
top-prize winner.