Lucky Lottery Player Hits First Multi-Match Jackpot of 2014

Prince George’s County Resident Wins $750,000

Winning the Maryland Lottery’s $750,000 Multi-Match prize on Jan. 27 still seems surreal to the lucky player who claimed the game’s first jackpot of 2014.

The Prince George’s County resident stashed the winning ticket in her Bible in the book of Numbers, where she believed it was safest, until she could claim her prize. The timing of the win is perfect, she said, because the healthcare worker is about to celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary.

This loyal Multi-Match player plays the $2 game weekly. Although she often comes close to winning the jackpot, the 42-year-old said she always – in the past – missed the prize by one or two numbers. Not this time!

Her luck changed the day she bought a $10 ticket with five games for the drawing. In Multi-Match, for each $2 game you play, you can select your first line of six numbers or have the terminal quick pick your numbers. Players automatically receive two additional lines of six randomly selected numbers. Our winner selected her own numbers for each of the five games. After the drawing, she checked her ticket and saw that her choice of the numbers 2-4-5-8-12-36 in the third game matched perfectly with the winning numbers!

“I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. I just kept checking the ticket,” our winner said. “It’s our season to reap, and our lives are now changed.”

She and her husband will keep the win a secret. The Clinton resident plans to keep working in the healthcare field as she has for 22 years because she enjoys her career. They will pay off bills, take a vacation and support their loved ones. They have no children of their own but have always enjoyed giving back to others and taking care of children in their circle of family and friends. They take care of nieces, nephews and serve happily as godparents. Our winner is especially excited about paying off her mother’s second mortgage as a surprise.

Our lucky Multi-Match player bought her winning ticket at the Clinton Crossings Exxon located at 8915 Woodyard Road in Clinton. Multi-Match games are sold at Lottery retailers and by subscription.