Lucky Lunch Break Purchase Leads to $10,000 Lottery Surprise

Pasadena woman finds her fortune playing a Maximum Jackpot scratch-off

273-Maximum-Jackpot-ITVMAn Anne Arundel County resident who bought a Maximum Jackpot scratch-off to play during her lunch break unknowingly delayed her discovery of a $10,000 Lottery win for hours.

The retail employee found her good fortune at Shoppers located at 8048 Ritchie Highway in Pasadena. The 65-year-old decided to buy a few instant tickets while on a break from her job in retail. After eating lunch, however, the Pasadena woman decided to wait and scratch off her $10 instant ticket when she got home. She put the lucky scratch-off in her back pocket and returned to work.

“When I got off, I almost forgot I had gotten the ticket,” she said. In fact, the scratch-off almost went for a spin with her work outfit in the washing machine. “I decided to do a little laundry and saw the winning ticket sticking out of my back pocket. Thank goodness I saw the ticket sticking out of my trousers!”

Later, when she finally had time to relax, the lucky player scratched off her ticket. “At first, it looked like I wasn’t winning at all,” she said. “But then, I saw the ‘WIN ALL’ symbol on the ticket and that was when I got shocked.”

This isn’t her first big Lottery prize. The lucky lady, who has worked in retail for 25 years, also won a $2,500 prize playing Pick 4 in 2015. She plans to pay off most of her bills with this prize and then take a much-needed vacation.

The Maximum Jackpot scratch-off currently has four $100,000 top prizes remaining and 10 more unclaimed $10,000 prizes. Players can also search for the more than 300,000 prize-winning scratch-offs of $10 to $1,000 awaiting discovery at Lottery retailers.