Lucky Mom Finds Two $50,000 Scratch-off Wins in Three Months

The first $50,000 Maryland Lottery scratch-off prize she won three months ago was a surprise, said the Montgomery County woman. The $50,000 Cash Craze Doubler win that came her way last week was a real stunner.

“It was the same store and the same vending machine,” said the Chevy Chase mom. “When I scanned the ticket, I just couldn’t believe it. Again?”

She’s been playing “forever,” the 58-year-old said, but she never, ever expected to win big once, let alone twice. The long-time player has purchased instant tickets on the sly since her first big scratch-off win in August.

“After that first $50,000, my daughter asked me to stop playing,” the homemaker said. “I told her I would, but I found that I really missed it.” Her secretive visit to Talbert’s Ice & Beverage Service in Bethesda last week was a quick one to avoid detection, she joked. “I didn’t even take the time to scratch the ticket, just the prize check part.” The scratch-off fan was so amazed to see she won again that she scratched off the entire instant ticket to check it for herself. “And, there it was,” she said, “another $50,000 prize!”

The winner’s daughter accompanied her to Lottery headquarters to collect her Cash Craze Doubler prize. The daughter is as shocked as her mom about the double dose of Lottery luck. She hopes the windfall goes, at least in part, to a vacation. “She was supposed to go on a cruise after the first win, but she ended up spending her winnings on her bills and helping the family,” the daughter said. “She’s promised me that this time she’ll go somewhere warm and sunny.”

Still unclaimed are four of Cash Craze Doubler’s $50,000 top-prize winning instant tickets. If you want to visit our winner’s lucky retailer, stop by Talbert’s Ice & Beverage Service at 5234 River Road in Bethesda. The lucky retailer earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize scratch-off in the $5 game.