Lucky Mother-in-Law Leads Man to $100,000 Maryland Lottery Win

D.C. resident captures top-tier prize playing Green Streak scratch-off

Green StreakInstead of a monster-in-law, this mother-in-law is a real lucky charm! A 43-year-old Washington, D.C., man is $100,000 richer because he followed his kind mother-in-law’s advice to keep trying to win big on Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. As a result, he just claimed the $100,000 top-tier prize on the Lottery’s popular Green Streak scratch-off.

The lucky winner recalls telling his mother-in-law that he felt discouraged about ever experiencing a huge Lottery scratch-off win. She always encouraged him to keep trying, saying his day would come. The man then decided to make his day as a winner come more quickly by changing his strategy. He gave his mother-in-law the money to purchase his favorite $10 scratch-off ticket, Green Streak, and that strategy certainly worked.

“When my mother-in-law brought me the ticket, I decided to scratch it while she was there,” he said. “You should have heard our screams of joy. We were in total disbelief!”

The two close-knit family members told Lottery officials that the money comes at a time when they really need it. “Things were getting a little tight around here but we always try to help each other,” the man said. “The decision to play was one of the best ones I’ve ever made. Winning the Lottery is real.”

Two top-tier winning Green Streak scratch-offs remain in the stores for purchase. The scratch-off also has a feature that could double or triple a player’s prize. Want to follow in our winner’s footsteps? His winning ticket came from Clinton Apex on Brandywine Road in Clinton.