Lucky Mt. Airy Lottery Player Hits Big Again

Scratch-off fan wins $50,000 twice in a year’s time

252-Monopoly-ITVM“Unbelievable” is what a two-time Maryland Lottery scratch-off winner kept saying when she claimed her $50,000 prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The lucky Mt. Airy owner of a well-drilling company won $50,000 on the Instant Millionaire scratch-off in November 2015 and hit for $50,000 again, last week, playing the Monopoly scratch-off game.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said the 81-year-old as she shared her incredible story. The scratch-off fan enjoys playing the $10 and $20 games, she said, because she thinks the odds of winning are better. Last week, the lucky player was headed out for a meeting when she decided to buy a few scratch-offs before returning home. She recalls her husband shouting out to her, as she left, to pick him up a winner. Did she ever!

She visited Twin Arch Spirits located at 1001 Twin Arch Road in Mt. Airy and picked out two games for herself and two for her husband. He later played his games and won small prizes.

“I got real busy around the house and didn’t get to play my games until the next day,” said the winner. As she scratched them off, she matched one of the numbers for what she thought was a $50 win. After closer inspection, she saw the latex wasn’t completely scratched off and the real prize was $50,000.

“To my husband I said, ‘Look what we’ve got!’ ” she recalled, smiling. “I really did bring back a winner.”

The mother of five adult children said she’ll give them each a little for their families and use some of the remaining prize for a new car. “Maybe I’ll be back next fall with another $50,000 win,” said the two-time scratch-off winner.

The $20 Monopoly game still has one $1 million top prize remaining, one unclaimed $50,000 prize and four unclaimed $10,000 prizes. Part of a family of Monopoly scratch-offs now on sale, the $20 ticket is joined by $1, $2, $5 and $10 scratch-off options.