Lucky Number 13 Seals the Deal for a $150,000 Powerball Win

Self-picked numbers bring big prize

A Middle River woman traveling from Pennsylvania with her significant other on Saturday morning made sure to stop in both states to grab Powerball tickets for the Jan. 9 world record jackpot drawing.

They bought several Quick Pick tickets in Pennsylvania and, in Maryland, decided to select their own numbers at Eastern Liquors located at 22 Kingston Road in Middle River.

Those self-selected numbers were extremely lucky! She matched four out of the five numbers and the Power Ball, which was 13. She added the Power Play feature to her ticket, too, so the 3x multiplier kicked in and tripled her win to $150,000!

And, because she matched the Power Ball in four games in addition to her winning game, she won an additional $48. That made her total prize $150,048!

“We picked random numbers with no real meaning to us, except for the 13. The 13 is his birthday,” said the winner, referring to her male companion. The Baltimore County woman and her significant other spent Saturday night watching football playoffs and waited until Sunday morning to check their tickets.

“We first scanned the ticket using the Lottery app,” said the 52-year-old woman. “And then, we checked on the website to confirm it.”

The grateful winner plans to purchase a new car with her winnings and save the rest. The computer software tester also intends to play Powerball again! Saturday night’s drawing produced two other $150,000 prizes, seven $50,000 prizes and a $1 million second-tier win!
The jackpot rolled Saturday night and climbed to $1.4 billion by Tuesday morning with the possibility of it going even higher by the Wednesday, Jan. 13 drawing.

“You’ll be seeing me soon, once I hit the jackpot,” said the happy winner, smiling.