Lucky Numbers Lead to $50,030 Maryland Lottery Win

Husband and Wife Win Bonus Match 5 Top Prize

A Reisterstown couple who only occasionally play Maryland Lottery games bagged more than they bargained for during a Jan. 23 trip to their neighborhood grocery.

The Social Security Administration employee and her husband teamed up for the shopping trip. While the 59-year-old worked her way down their grocery list, her husband spent $2 on a ticket for that evening’s Bonus Match 5 drawing. “I used birthday dates and numbers from our 38th anniversary earlier this month,” he said, describing the lucky pick.

When he checked the drawing results on his smartphone that night, he was astonished. As he read the familiar numbers from the screen, confirming that all the numbers on their ticket matched, his eyes widened and he jumped up out of his seat in excitement.

“You should have seen your eyes,” said his wife, replaying the moment.

The lucky numbers for the Jan. 23 drawing were 1-4-8-11-12.

They agree that the Bonus Match 5 top prize of $50,030 is arriving at the perfect time. “We needed it,” said the lucky lady. They plan to use the winnings to make home improvements to doors and windows and pay off holiday bills. The couple’s birthday numbers became lucky numbers when they purchased the fateful ticket at the Giant #322 at 11604 Reisterstown Road in Reisterstown.