Lucky Numbers Pay Off for Baltimore Man in Mega Millions Win

Baltimore man takes home $250,000

Winning didn’t even cross a Baltimore man’s mind when he sent his daughter to cash in his Mega Millions tickets last week. Dutifully she went to the store to parlay her dad’s tickets, but came back empty handed. When she came home and told her dad they needed to go to Lottery headquarters, he was stunned to realize his ticket was worth $250,000.

The winning numbers actually had significance for the Dundalk-area family; a combination of the numbers his daughter had chosen, including important birth days, birth months and anniversaries resulted in the win. “If we had used our neighbor’s moving date, we would’ve won the jackpot,” said the man laughing.

Despite not taking home the jackpot, the man is more than happy with his win. “I’ve never won this much before,” he said. “Honestly I thought I had won $5,000 when my daughter told me we needed to go down to Baltimore to claim, so $250,000 is more than enough!”

The grandfather-of-four plans to pay off his bills, buy his daughter a car and spoil his grandchildren. His $250,000 Mega Millions ticket was purchased at Budget Liquors, 7000 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore City.