Lucky Numbers Strike in Dorchester County, Deliver $50,000 Prize

Player stores winning FAST PLAY ticket in safe for months

Like many players, a Dorchester County man found lucky numbers were the key to Lottery success. Unlike others, however, the maintenance worker found his $50,000 prize hiding in a FAST PLAY game named Lucky Numbers.

He purchased the winning ticket in February, when he visited High’s #039 at 4046 Ocean Gateway in Trappe after work to buy gas and a Lottery game. After feeding money into the store’s Lottery vending machine, the player selected a $10 game at random.

“I was whispering, ‘Gimme something,’ as I touched the screen and picked a FAST PLAY game,” he said.

With his Lucky Numbers ticket in hand, the Eastern Shore resident checked it for a win using the store scanner. He knew he won in an instant but wanted to see the results again. The player paused, looked over his shoulder, and seeing the coast was clear scanned the ticket again. He got the same result! The winner rushed home, eager to share his great news with his mother and his best friend.

Soon after, he locked the ticket in a safe until he claimed his prize this week. With the trip to Baltimore concluded, the player has gained $50,000 to purchase a truck plus an end to worrying about his winning ticket’s safety. “I checked that safe about three times each week,” he explained.

The Lucky Numbers game, which joined the Lottery’s lineup of FAST PLAY games in February 2020, still has 36 $50,000 prizes remaining and 24 progressive jackpots that start at $100,000. The progressive jackpots grow with each Lucky Numbers ticket purchased until a player buys a progressive jackpot-winning ticket.