Lucky Numbers Turn into $50,000 of Sweet Riches

Montgomery County man wins $50,000 top prize on scratch-off

Sweet RichesA Silver Spring man had an inkling that he was going to have a good day last Wednesday. When the 64-year-old’s first four scratch-offs failed to yield a winner, he turned around and purchased two more. Sure enough, the first Sweet Riches ticket he checked had his lucky number netting him a top prize of $50,000.

Scratching his tickets in the store, the winner saw that one of his “sweet numbers” he needed to match was very special. “When I saw that one of the numbers I had to match on the ticket was 32, I knew my ticket had to be good,” said the man. “My favorite football jersey number is 32, so this was meant to be.”

The Redskins fan and his wife, who are both frequent scratch-off players, told Lottery officials about their different methods for picking winners. After having success with tickets he recently began only buying tickets numbered 29 through 38. “Things really fell into place on this ticket,” he said smiling. “I’ve been having luck with this ticket, but this much luck is really just something amazing.”

The man and his wife plan to pay off bills and put the rest towards their retirement. “It’s a good feeling knowing I have this for the future,” he said happily. The winning ticket was sold at Money Express, located at 615 South Frederick Avenue in Gaithersburg.