Lucky Numbers Win Twice for Keno Player – 12 Years Apart

$100,000 Win Wednesday, $125,000 in 1999

It’s not uncommon for Lottery players to stick with specific numbers for extended periods, using the same combinations time after time, waiting for them to pay off. Twelve years, though, may set a record for Lottery loyalty. That is how long this player has been playing the same seven Keno numbers and, from the results, you can’t really question the tactic.

The lucky winner visited Maryland Lottery headquarters this week with two winning Keno tickets, each good for more than $50,000. This player is a Keno veteran, having played for fifteen years. In 1999 his numbers first proved lucky when they delivered a $125,000 win. He has stuck with Keno, and those numbers, ever since and that allegiance was repaid Wednesday night while dining with friends. As the group talked, he noticed some familiar numbers appearing on the Keno monitor. He went to the cashier for a printout of the winning numbers and there they were again, those same lucky numbers. “There was a bit of yelling, everyone there was joining in,” he told officials.

His first answer when asked how his winnings would fit into his life involved paying his mortgage. Only a few moments later, though, he was talking about a new boat. He found his Keno luck at Tim’s II Restaurant, 5411 Pavillion Drive in King George, Virginia. Although the restaurant has a Virginia address, it’s location on the Potomac River puts it in Maryland.