Lucky Player “Vrooms” to Car Dealerships with Powerball Prize

“TKS” of Capitol Heights found her lucky Powerball win in the Dec. 27 drawing.

Jackpot chaser finds $50,000 win in Dec. 27 drawing

“Vroom, vroom, vroom” are the sounds our lucky winner heard when she found out she won $50,000 playing Powerball several weeks ago.

Nicknamed “TKS,” the winner bought her lucky ticket at 7-Eleven #11642 in College Park. She was cashing in winning scratch-offs a relative gave her for the holidays and noticed the growing Powerball jackpot. Could she win? The Capitol Heights resident remembers thinking, “You never know.” Using her scratch-off prizes, the hopeful player bought $25 worth of Powerball tickets.

“I don’t normally play Powerball, but when the jackpots are high that’s when I’ll start playing and test my luck,” she said.

When the jackpot rolled in the Dec. 27 drawing, “TKS” realized she wasn’t a big winner and didn’t check her tickets. Her schedule stayed busy because she works in the college apartment business. Weeks passed and “TKS” was grocery shopping with her son when she decided to check her Powerball tickets.

Realizing that one of the 10 tickets was a winner, the 46-year-old wondered what prize she’d won. She asked the store clerk, who only told her the prize was too high for the store to cash. The clerk suggested visiting a nearby Lottery retailer who could cash larger winning tickets.

“TKS” went across the street to the bigger retailer and scanned her ticket there. The employee came out from behind the counter to tell our winner the good news: her prize was so large she must go to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim it. Instead, “TKS” went online to and learned that she held a $50,000 winning Powerball ticket. Then she came to Lottery headquarters!

The Prince George’s County resident can now “vroom” around town to car dealerships to find a fuel-efficient vehicle. “TKS” plans to make her dream of buying a new car a reality. She’ll also keep playing Lottery games!