Lucky Playslip Leads to Big Mega Millions Win

Howard County woman claims $250,000 second-tier prize

An Ellicott City woman had been using the same wrinkled Mega Millions playslip for years, firmly believing it would one day lead her to a big prize. For years her husband told her that she should just fill out a new payslip – one that was less crinkled and worn. He is happy that she never listened to him since that Mega Millions playslip finally paid off to the tune of $250,000.

When the woman checked her ticket at the store, she thought the scanner was broken and had to ask the store clerk for a printout of the winning numbers. “I was so stunned that I just stared at the ticket and said words that I probably shouldn’t repeat,” the 59-year-old said laughing.

Immediately, the woman rushed back home to share the news with her husband. “At first I thought something was wrong,” her recently retired husband told Lottery officials. “It was pretty early in the morning, so I thought she had received some bad news about a family member who had been sick.”

Instead of delivering bad news, his wife showed him the winning ticket and placed her lucky playslip in a plastic bag to keep it safe. The couple has yet to share their big news with anyone, including their own family, but plans to help their daughter and two college-aged grandchildren financially. In addition helping their family, the couple plans to move into a senior center. The rest if the winnings will go straight into their retirement fund. The winner purchased her ticket at the High’s convenience store located at 64 Frederick Rd. in Ellicott City.