Lucky Streak Continues for Prince George’s County Scratch-off Player

After working two jobs, a District Heights man says he looks forward to the distraction of playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. He certainly found that with the Win Big instant ticket he purchased on Sunday. The husband and father revealed $50,000 worth of distractions!

“I work for the county and then have a landscaping business, I’m always running somewhere,” the Prince George’s County resident said. “It’s easy to stop for a ticket here and there during the week. It sort of makes each trip I have to make a little exciting.”

This was the case on Sunday when the busy man, on the way to a client, stopped for gas at the Marlboro Pike Citgo located at 6346 Marlboro Pike in District Heights. While there, he reviewed the retailer’s Lottery options. “Between Racetrax and scratch tickets, I’ve been on a real hot streak for more than a month,” he said, “but that day I was in the mood for a scratch-off.”

At that point, the Win Big game hadn’t contributed to our winner’s lucky streak. After two other instant tickets produced little to celebrate, our winner took notice when the business owner mentioned he was opening a new book of the $20 Win Big scratch-offs. “I know the superstition that there’s always a big winner among the first few tickets in a packet, so I asked for a Win Big,” said the 41-year-old.

No one in the store realized his $50,000 win happened because the player remained low key. Moments later, however, he felt himself going into shock.

“I’ve won plenty of times, but never anything like this,” he said. “I really couldn’t believe it. It took me five minutes to gather myself enough to show the ticket to the owner. He went crazy! We were fist-bumping and high-fiving all over the place.”

The lucky player plans to invest some of his $50,000 prize in his landscaping business and save the remainder for his daughter’s future and to help his extended family.

His winning game still has plenty of prizes remaining. Players can try their luck finding four unclaimed $1 million top prizes, 10 $50,000 prizes and 40 $10,000 prizes. The Win Bigscratch-off is on sale now at Lottery retailers around the state.