Lucky ‘Strikes’ at White Oak Lanes

Brandy Moser - 10x Payday Payout

Brandy Moser poses with her big ‘Payout’

College student Bowled-over by $100,000 win on 10X Payday Payout scratch-off

During a night out last Saturday at White Oak Duckpin Lanes, 19-year-old Brandy Moser only set out to beat her boyfriend Paul’s bowling score, but wound up winning a whole lot more. Along with an awesome average, Brandy also scratched-off a winning 10X Payday Payout scratch-off, scoring a $100,000 top-prize.

Getting a lane was taking longer than usual, so to pass the time, Brandy purchased a scratch-off. Although she usually buys less expensive tickets, the Montgomery College student decided to splurge on a $10 scratch-off. Just as she started scratching the ticket Brandy uncovered a matching number, along with the prize amount of $100,000. The couple scanned the ticket several times and then checked it again with the cashier, before rushing home to put their valuable discovery somewhere safe. “I was nervous letting go of the ticket for the cashier to confirm the win,” said Brandy’s boyfriend.

When Brandy returned home, she surprised her parents with the win. “We were shocked. It’s really been a special week with the Lottery win, a Ravens Championship and the upcoming Chinese new year,” said her father, Jonathan. Once secure in a safe, she and Paul rolled on to high scoring games back at the bowling alley.

The winner plans to put her winnings into savings. She hopes that the funds will help with college tuition and other future expenses. The winning ticket was purchased at White Oak Duckpin Lanes on New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring.