Lucky Visit to Dentist Puts Smile on Lottery Player’s Face

Retired federal employee claims $33,000 Triple Tripler scratch-off prize

168-Triple-Tripler-ITVMA Prince George’s County man who wasn’t overjoyed to begin his day with a trip to the dentist’s office wound up all smiles with a $33,000 winning Maryland Lottery scratch-off in his pocket. The 74-year-old told Lottery officials that he’s always been lucky, “but not like this!”

The retired payroll specialist’s trip to the Lottery Winner’s Lounge came courtesy of the $3 Triple Tripler scratch-off.

“I stopped by the Suitland Road Exxon on the way to the dentist and another customer pointed out Triple Tripler as a lucky game, at least for her,” he said. The mystery woman’s luck apparently transferred! That evening, when the married father of four played his Triple Tripler game, he had to look four times to believe what he was seeing.

“I saw the three $33,000s and I saw the instructions that made those matches worth $33,000, but it just couldn’t be,” he said. “I was amazed.”

The fun continued when his wife returned from work a short while later. “She was more shocked than I had been. She went over and over the ticket, too.”

The Forestville couple plan to finance some home repairs with their winnings and to spoil their 14 grandkids and six “great-grands” when they get together soon. They also plan to look for the Lottery customer who recommended Triple Tripler.

“I want to thank her, maybe point out a ticket that feels lucky to me,” he said, “return the favor, hopefully.”

While Triple Tripler has no more top prizes available, there are still four $1,500 winners in stores. Our winner’s lucky Lottery retailer was the Suitland Road Exxon at 6500 Suitland Road in Morningside.