Lunch Break Routine Leads to $100,000 Lottery Win

Hopkins worker claims first jackpot prize on Double Take scratch-off

Double TakeA 40-year lunchtime routine of walking and playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs has led to better health and, this month, wealth and happiness for a Johns Hopkins Hospital employee.

The records clerk scratched off a winning $5 Double Take instant ticket during a recent lunch break to become the game’s first $100,000 top-prize winner. Following her routine, the 64-year-old walked to a nearby Lottery retailer, bought her tickets and headed back to work. She walked and scratched as she went. This lunch break was anything but routine, however. She stopped in her tracks when she got to the last spot on her final Double Take scratch-off. That last spot held the number three, which matched a lucky number! Then, she did a double take of her own as she scratched the rest of the spot to reveal the $100,000 win.

No one passing by suspected anything unusual was happening because our lucky winner remained calm. “I quietly tucked the ticket in my pocketbook and, when I returned home, hid it in a safe place,” she said.

The Baltimore resident plans to share her prize with her husband, children and grandchildren. She will also remodel her basement and put a chunk of the winnings into savings. She bought the jackpot ticket at YNS Check Cashing on 2101 East Monument St. in Baltimore.