Lunch-time Scratch-off Makes Birthday Special

$50,000 Win with Cash Winfall Game

Jeffrey Street - Cash WinfallA break from a tough morning of construction work and a bite to eat was what Jeffrey Street had in mind when he visited a convenience store near his worksite this afternoon.  A frequent Lottery player, he decided to add a Cash Winfall scratch-off to his lunch order to help celebrate his birthday. That birthday treat proved to be more than he ever expected.

“I usually just scratch the code at the bottom of the ticket,” the Glen Burnie man told Lottery officials.  “I then ran it through the scanner, just like normal, but I saw a message I hadn’t seen before.”  Jeffrey quickly scratched the rest of his Cash Winfall ticket and, after conferring with the store owner, realized that he’d won $50,000.

After a call to his boss to explain why he’d be missing the rest of the work day, Jeffrey called his wife to share the good news.  “She asked if I was kidding, if this was some kind of birthday joke.”  Jeffrey planned to head directly to his wife’s office after leaving Lottery Headquarters in order to erase her doubts.  The oversized check he carried with him should do the job.

Jeffrey tells us that his winnings will go toward taking care of bills and adding to the family’s savings.  He found his lunch-time luck at the Paceway Convenience Store, 1334 Defense Hwy. in Gambrills.