Magic 8 Ball Scratch-off Answers Couple’s Winning Question

Jeremy Hutton - Magic 8 Ball_webJeremy Hutton and Nicole Jacob of Elkton claimed the second of six $8,888 top prizes on the Lottery’s Magic 8 Ball scratch-off.

Delivers $8,888 top prize

An Elkton couple didn’t need an actual Magic 8 Ball to tell them if winning the Lottery was in their future – a Maryland Lottery Magic 8 Ball scratch-off did just that!

Jeremy Hutton and Nicole Jacob found the $2 instant ticket’s top prize of $8,888, becoming the second set of players to win one of the ticket’s six top prizes. The Magic 8 Ball’s answer “Outlook Good” certainly applies to this duo’s quest for a win.

Jeremy, 22, and Nicole, 20, are sharing the prize he discovered on the scratch-off she bought and brought home to him. She found the lucky scratch-off at the nearby Elkton Shell at 298 Whitehall Road in Elkton. “I buy them for him several times a week,” she said.

Together as a couple for three years, the two kept their win a secret during the long Labor Day holiday weekend until they could claim their prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. Did they hide the lucky ticket? Without a doubt! Jeremy, a native Marylander, said he placed it in a location no one would check. “I hid it in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ (CD) box,” Jeremy said. “I checked it about once every hour.”

The two plan to spend their prize on outstanding bills. Will they keep playing Lottery scratch-offs? Most likely!