Magic 8 Ball Scratch-off Says ‘You Win!’

Melissa Umana Campos - Magic 8 Ball_webFind out how the Lottery’s Magic 8 Ball scratch-off put this Salisbury woman in the Winner’s Lounge with her husband (center) and friend!

Salisbury woman claims $8,888 top prize on instant ticket

How many of us can say for certain that a Magic 8 Ball brought us good luck? Maryland Lottery Magic 8 Ball scratch-off winner Melissa Umana Campos can!

After stopping at 7-Eleven #19283 located at 11055 Racetrack Road in Berlin, Melissa decided to purchase a few scratch-offs. The 24-year-old, who is a newcomer to playing Lottery games, paused when she saw the wide variety of instant tickets. The Salisbury resident resorted to her fond childhood memories of playing with a Magic 8 Ball toy to select two Magic 8 Ball scratch-offs.

As soon as she reached the car, Melissa scratched her $2 tickets and revealed her good fortune – the game’s $8,888 top prize! The young mother doubted that she would ever win the Lottery.

“After I scratched it, I threw it at my husband because I didn’t think it was real,” she said. Roy, her husband of two years, often plays Maryland Lottery games. He took a quick look at the instant ticket and confirmed its blue-ribbon status.

Melissa hadn’t told anyone about her win until she claimed her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. With that task completed, she is ready to let her friends in on her secret. The couple has several ideas on how to spend the prize. Their daughter Cheyenne will get a nice party for her first birthday, which is coming soon, and they plan to pay off debt and to take a vacation to Roy’s birthplace in Costa Rica.

There are still two top prizes remaining on the Magic 8 Ball scratch-off and 14 $1,000 prizes. The popular ticket launched in June.