Man Plays to Win, Takes Home $50,000

Wins top prize on Triple Green Crossword scratch-off

Triple Green CrosswordA 60-year-old D.C. man came into Lottery headquarters with his best friend to claim his first top prize win. The crossword lover was thrilled to learn that he had finally found a big winner after years of playing various tickets. The Triple Green Crossword scratch-off he chose had netted him a top prize of $50,000.

The man told Lottery officials that the first thing he did was call his best friend who was at work. “I called up my buddy and told him I needed a bodyguard to come collect a large sum of money from the Lottery,” he joked. “He knew I was kidding, but it was still funny.”

After his friend took off work, they both drove up to Baltimore to claim the prize. “I’m not telling anyone except my friend,” the lucky winner said seriously. “We’ve been friends for a while so he knows, but he’s been sworn to secrecy.”

The man had chosen the ticket after seeing it was an extended play scratch-off, which indulged both his love of crossword puzzles and lottery tickets. “I really like these extended play tickets since they give you more for your money,” he said. “You’ll be there for a while working on those tickets.”

The man plans to continue playing various Lottery games after acknowledging with a smile, “You have to play to win.” The 60-year-old also said he will use his winnings to pay off bills and save for a rainy day. The winning ticket was purchased at Flamingo Inc. located at 6211 Livingston Road in Oxon Hill.