Manchester Man Stunned By Big Powerball Win

Claims $50,000 prize in historic Jan. 13 drawing

One lucky Carroll County man got a $50,000 sliver of the historic $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot pie with the $2 Quick Pick ticket he bought two days before the Jan. 13 drawing.

The loyal player lives across the street from a Lottery retailer and spends $10 almost every week on Lottery tickets. The lucky man got bored trying to figure out which numbers to select and decided to start letting the Lottery terminal Quick Pick his numbers. That decision helped deliver his win!

He had no idea he had one of the 24 Maryland $50,000 winning tickets in the drawing for a while. The truck driver just rolled on after buying his ticket at Piper’s Wine & Spirit Barn located at 4127 Hanover Pike in Manchester. It wasn’t until he checked the Lottery website and saw where one of the winning Powerball tickets was sold that he checked his ticket.

“I was stunned, but I’m still being hush-hush about it,” he said.

The 60-year-old has been married for 35 years. Prior to his win, his wife would give him a hard time about his love of Lottery games. “My wife still doesn’t believe me,” he said of his win. She will when the check arrives!

The Manchester resident plans to use his prize to pay off credit card bills and his truck and maybe take a trip to Chicago to visit his sons.

Although no one in Maryland hit the big jackpot, the state also saw three $1 million winners and one $100,000 winner created in the drawing.