Manchester Mom Wins Big for Third Time

Claims $50,000 prize on Gold Rush X100 game

A Carroll County wife and mother who plays scratch-offs and Keno several times a week told Maryland Lottery officials on Friday that she’s had lots of luck playing instant tickets. In fact, a Gold Rush X100 scratch-off just gave her a $50,000 prize! The windfall is her biggest Lottery prize to date and the third one she has enjoyed in recent years.

The 50-something waitress found her lucky $20 instant ticket at High’s #023 located at 4500 Hanover Pike in Manchester.

“I won $500 playing a Gold Rush game just a week or so again so I went with what was hot,” she explained. “I brought it home and scratched it. At first glance, I thought I saw a $50 win. It was $500 at second glance. It was that third look that really started my knees shaking.”

Winning $50,000 was shocking, said the Manchester resident. “I couldn’t believe it. I felt weak.” She called her husband, who is accustomed to her Lottery luck, to share the news. He expressed only mild disbelief. “He said, ‘Really? You did it again?’ ” recalled the winner.

The couple plans to share the Gold Rush X100 winnings with family members and pay bills.

The Gold Rush X100 game, which is one of five in the Gold Rush family of scratch-off games, is still packed with prizes. Players can hunt for six unclaimed $1,000,000 top prizes and nine more $50,000 prizes. Other games in this fun family are the $1 Gold Rush X5, $2 Gold Rush X10, $5 Gold Rush X20 and $10 Gold Rush X50 scratch-offs.