Marathon Man Runs a Long Course of Lottery Luck

Prince George’s County resident wins $50,000 on Hit the Jackpot scratch off

Hit The JackpotA Prince George’s County marathon runner who just won a $50,000 prize on the Maryland Lottery’s Hit the Jackpot scratch-off is trekking along a course sprinkled with good luck. This loyal player counts not one, not two, but multiple large Lottery prizes over the span of 10 years.

The 59-year-old financial consultant was actually on the run to the supermarket for blueberries when he decided to try his scratch-off luck. He stopped at Town Center Amoco located at 10855 Town Center Boulevard in Dunkirk, purchased two $20 Hit the Jackpot tickets and scratched them both while in the store. After seeing that neither were winners, he purchased one more Hit the Jackpot ticket to take home with him. What he saw when he scratched that last ticket knocked his socks off.

“Mercy! I’ve got more than I thought I would,” the lucky winner said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

The avid Lottery player has won $150,000 with the Washington, D.C. lottery and several thousand dollars with the Maryland Lottery via scratch-offs as well as a Pick 4 ticket. He played his sister’s address in Arizona to capture the Pick 4 prize.

The Upper Marlboro resident, who has run 64 full marathons, plans to use some of his winnings to sponsor his next out-of-town race. In addition, he’ll pay off some bills, make some deposits and possibly buy a new car. And, last but not least, after working for the federal government as a financial consultant for 25 years, he may start considering retirement.

If you’re feeling lucky, there is still one top prize remaining on this $20 ticket so get to your local retailer quickly for a shot at the $1 million prize. As of March 24, the Hit the Jackpot game was 86.3 percent sold out so odds are good for someone to find that lucky ticket soon.