Marine Veteran’s Big Win Opens Door to Second Retirement

This happy “Marine” has a second retirement in his sights, thanks to a $100,000 scratch-off win.

Claims $100,000 top prize on Big Money Maker scratch-off

A Baltimore military veteran who plays Maryland Lottery games regularly received an unexpected — but welcome — message when he checked a $10 Big Money Maker scratch-off to see if it carried a prize. It did — the $100,000 top prize!

Having won no more than $1,000 before, the winner nicknamed “Marine” for Lottery publicity said he wasn’t expecting such a big Lottery payday. The excited player is happily making retirement plans.

The 57-year-old crossed paths with his winning scratch-off after transporting a Lyft patron. He decided to visit a nearby Royal Farms in Linthicum and randomly selected one of the Big Money Maker scratch-offs. “Marine” began playing his instant ticket in the store. At first, he thought he won $100 but a closer review of his instant ticket by the ticket checker revealed his $100,000 prize.

“Marine” is keeping news of his good fortune top secret! He plans to pay off his car loan and his bills with his winnings, which will help open the door to his second retirement.

Royal Farms #193 also shares in the fun. The Anne Arundel County store located at 803 Pinnacle Drive earned a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

Looking for a win of your own? The Big Money Maker game went on sale June 24. There are still five $100,000 top prizes remaining as well as 26 $10,000 prizes.