Maryland Lottery Addresses Safety Concerns During Coronavirus Pandemic

Agency takes multi-pronged approach to incorporating health and safety measures

Over the past month, the Maryland Lottery has made numerous adjustments to its operations to focus on the health and safety of Maryland citizens during the coronavirus pandemic. The Agency continues to do what it can by taking appropriate actions to protect players, staff and the public.

Just like other state agencies, the Lottery is striving to continue operations to meet its mission, generating revenue for important state services and programs that rely on Lottery funding. Meanwhile, retailer sales commissions help each store’s ability to remain viable. As a result, lottery sales play an important role in the state’s retail economy in addition to raising money that supports Maryland’s good causes.

Here are some of the steps that the Maryland Lottery has taken so far in its effort to make safety a top priority:

  • The Baltimore Customer Resource Center has been closed to the public since March 30, and we have encouraged winners to redeem their tickets by mail or to sign and secure winning tickets until the Customer Resource Center can be reopened safely.
  • Lottery Headquarters has been closed since March 30, with the majority of employees teleworking.
  • Lottery sales reps have stopped visiting retailers as of March 16.
  • All six Maryland casinos closed to the public at 12 a.m. on March 16.
  • All product advertising campaigns originally scheduled for the months of March, April and May were suspended until further notice.
  • In lieu of product advertising, the Maryland Lottery has focused its messaging on health safety and responsible play.


Maryland Lottery retailers have also had to adjust their operations. These companies, large and small, which include gas stations, convenience and grocery stores, liquor stores and other essential businesses, have been instructed to remind Lottery players about methods of limiting their time on site. The Lottery also published a list of these actions on its website. These steps include filling out playslips in advance; using the random Quick Pick option rather than taking time to select specific numbers; using self-service machines; buying advance-play tickets that are good for multiple drawings; and purchasing subscriptions, which don’t require visiting a retailer. Retailers were also instructed to regularly clean Lottery equipment, including vending machines, and to close “stay-and-play” areas of their stores. In-store messaging provided by the Lottery encourages players to practice social distancing, health safety and responsible play.

Most importantly, Lottery players are strongly encouraged only to purchase lottery tickets while they are visiting essential stores to buy necessary items and to follow state guidelines by standing at least six feet apart in line and wearing masks in public places. The Maryland Lottery always encourages its players to play responsibly.