Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5 Fan Takes Home Top Prize

Bel Air man wins $50,000 with taxes-paid

A 70-year-old electrical engineer made a shocking discovery when he checked his Bonus Match 5 ticket from the Monday, Nov. 2 drawing – his numbers matched!

The surprises continued at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore when he claimed his $50,000 top-prize win the day after the drawing. The Bel Air man took home the entire amount because a special Lottery promotion underway through Nov. 15 pays all taxes on top-prize Bonus Match 5 wins!

“I had no idea,” he said, smiling. “That makes it that much better.”

Lottery luck came to the Harford County resident when he was headed home from work. A regular Bonus Match 5 player, he purchased several tickets for that night’s drawing at the Fork Citgo in Kingsville. He has random numbers that he has played routinely over the years. “I have other numbers that are birthdays and such, but it was my random numbers that won,” he said.

Later that night, after the drawing, the winner looked at a printout of the Bonus Match 5 winning numbers and checked his tickets against it. The lucky player initially thought he had won $400, but when he checked again, he realized that he matched all five numbers drawn.

“I was shocked,” he said. “This is really quite a surprise.”

Even though the winner had a $50,000 winning ticket in his possession, he was rather calm as he tucked it away in his wallet and enjoyed a normal night. The father of four adult children started his day by visiting Lottery headquarters to claim his prize. As he waited for the claim to be processed, a Lottery official informed him about the special taxes-paid promotion that made his win even bigger.

The happy man plans to pay off his car and some other bills with the prize, save the rest and continue to play his favorite game. The win also makes the retailer a winner. The Lottery will give Fork Citgo located at 12601 Harford Road a $500 bonus for selling the top-prize ticket.