Maryland Lottery Luck Finds Visiting Florida Couple

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Thomas Stevens of Florida is returning home with a $100,000 Powerball prize, thanks to his win while in Maryland.

New doctor’s parents claim $100,000 Powerball prize

A Florida couple has an extra $100,000 reason to enjoy this unforgettable visit with their daughter in Maryland. Thomas Stevens, who plays lottery games in his home state, won $100,000 in the June 15 Powerball drawing!

He and his wife are in the area helping their daughter pack up her belongings. She is leaving Maryland after completing her medical education at Johns Hopkins.

“I play my late father’s numbers in Florida every week, a collection of family birthdays,” Thomas said. “I figured I’d give them a try here while we were in town moving my daughter.”

The 69-year-old bought his ticket at 7-Eleven #34301 at 1615 Thames Street in Baltimore the day before the Wednesday drawing and added the Power Play feature to his game. Power Play numbers multiply your winnings in the game that immediately follows the Power Play drawing. His multiplier was 2. Thomas checked the results online on Thursday morning and, recognizing a couple of his numbers, determined that he’d won $200.

“I stopped in the store to cash the ticket and the clerk said he couldn’t do it, that it was too big a prize,” he said. Thomas, his wife and daughter checked the results once more online and were stunned. “I’d missed two of the matches,” he said. “None of us could believe it at first – $100,000 is crazy.”

Thomas was the only person who bought a ticket in Maryland and won the $50,000 prize, which doubled to $100,000 because of the Power Play feature. Nationally, 25 players hit the $50,000 prize. No one won the jackpot, which rolled to $169 million for the Saturday, June 18 drawing with a cash option of $114.2 million.

The retired couple plans to use the winnings to repay college debts for their two daughters and to travel, possibly taking a cruise.