Maryland Lottery Luck Returns to Capitol Heights

Second scratch-off win in a week delivers $77,700 to retiree

7x the MoneyFor the second time in seven days, Capitol Heights is home to a top-tier Maryland Lottery scratch-off prize winner. The $77,700 paid to a 7X the Money player in the Prince George’s County town follows a $55,555 Green Streak instant win.

The new winner is a 65-year-old retiree from the food service industry who picked her scratch-off ticket at random, for no rhyme or reason. “I saw the 7X the Money game there in the display and just pointed to it,” she said. “It felt right.”

She scratched the ticket later that day while shopping with her husband.

“I knew what I was seeing couldn’t be real, so we went back to the store so they could check it,” she told Lottery officials. “I went in while my husband waited in the car.” The clerk confirmed the win and our lucky winner remained calm in the crowded store. When she stepped outside, however, she started dancing. “I knew it was good news then,” her husband said.

They plan to apply some of the winnings for a down payment on a new home and also share their good fortune with their family. “We have eight kids and so many grandchildren that we’ve lost count, so there are plenty of people who will be enjoying this with us,” she said.

Our winner found her lottery luck at the BP station at 5818 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway in Seat Pleasant. There is one 7X the Money top-prize winning ticket still waiting to be discovered in Maryland stores.