Maryland Lottery Luck Shocks Pennsylvania Man

Wins $20,000 playing scratch-off game  

All that a Pennsylvania man expected from a visit to a Maryland gas station / convenience store with a friend last weekend was a snack. The $20,000 he left the store with, thanks to the Maryland Lottery’s $100 Grand scratch-off game, shocked him as much then as it does now.

“My friend and I were at a flea market in Ellerslie when my stomach started rumbling,” said the 21-year-old winner. That rumbling, which caused the pair to head toward the nearby Sunoco gas station, also signaled Lady Luck to stop by the small Allegany County town.

“My buddy – we play Lottery together all the time – picked out a ticket and won $10,” said the Hyndman, Pa. resident. “He gave me the $10 and I chose $100 Grand.”

He admits they initially doubted their win. “We didn’t think it was real at first,” he said. “There were tears in my eyes when we walked out. $20,000, all at once like that! I never, never, never thought I’d get a big winner. I never believed it could happen to me.”

The happy player plans to get a new truck and share his winnings with his Lottery partner and a few other very close friends. “They’re all like family to me.”

He found his Lottery luck at Sunoco at 14409 Ellerslie Road in Ellerslie. The $100 Grand scratch-off game still has four $100,000 top prizes and four $20,000 second-tier prizes available, along with thousands of unclaimed prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.