Maryland Lottery Winners Win Big at Warehouse Dash

Cancelled flights and rainy weather didn’t dampen the spirits of 12 Maryland Lottery winners who enjoyed the trip of a lifetime this past weekend. The winners and their guests were in Chicago to participate in the Maryland Lottery’s Warehouse Dash second-chance prize, which featured a 90-second “shopping spree.”

On Friday, the group kicked off the weekend by mingling and getting to know each other during a welcome reception at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse. After dinner, most returned to the hotel hoping to get some rest before the big day.

Saturday morning, the winners and their guests arrived at the My Lottery Rewards warehouse, to a crowd of cheering staff members, flashing lights, balloons and a DJ spinning music. Once inside, they stretched, strategized and spent 30 minutes looking through the warehouse planning their Dash.

Then, they raced around the warehouse for 90 seconds each, and tossed as many boxes as possible into their carts.  Each duo had their own strategy — one group took notes on their arm, and another group picked a few items they definitely wanted and randomly grabbed items for the rest of their time. One item seemed to be everyone’s favorite — the 65” television. All prizes will be shipped directly to the winners in approximately two weeks.

One thing is for sure, winners and their guests had a blast in the Windy City!

warehouse dash winner
Warehouse Dash Winner 1