Mechanic Questions Eyesight After $100,000 Scratch-off Win

Claims Top Prize on Maryland Lottery Sparkling 7s Game

142-Sparking-7s-ITVMEvery morning before work, a Baltimore mechanic selects a Maryland Lottery instant ticket, sits in his truck outside of the repair shop where he works and recites the same line before scratching the ticket: “Maybe I don’t have to go to work today.”

Well, it turned out that he really didn’t have to go to work Saturday after winning $100,000 playing the Sparkling 7s scratch-off, but this dedicated employee did so anyway!

The 60-year-old recalls being stunned when he revealed the amount of instant cash he’d won.
“I looked at it closely, knowing it couldn’t be right,” he told Lottery officials. “There was no way I won $100,000.”

The father of four stopped in the body shop to retrieve his strongest pair of glasses and examined the $10 ticket. Still unconvinced, he drove back to the Baltimore City retailer that sold him the lucky scratch-off – Boss Cash at 1700 Pennsylvania Ave. A clerk confirmed his good fortune!

“I drove straight home to put that thing in a secure place,” he said. “And then, I went to work.”

Our happy scratch-off player spent Sunday with one of his daughters and spoke nary a word about his lottery luck. “We were discussing a home she’d just bought and all the work it needed,” he said. “I was filing away the projects, pleased that I’d soon be able to help.”

He plans to share his winnings with his adult children and three grandkids. The Lottery’s Sparkling 7’s scratch game launched in March and has three $100,000 winners still hiding in stores.