Mechanic to Jump Start Home Repairs with Lottery Win

Claims $50,000 prize on Lucky Millionaire scratch-off

Lucky MillionaireA Hagerstown auto mechanic can jump start a much-needed home repair project after winning $50,000 playing the Maryland Lottery’s Lucky Millionaire scratch-off.

The 37-year-old plays one instant ticket per day and wins “often enough to keep it fun, to make each ticket exciting.” The winning scratch-off he purchased when he stopped for gas at a Smithburg High’s store will fuel that excitement for many games to come.

Lottery luck came to the married father of two when he noticed the store’s Lottery vending machine and took action.

“I really like the $20 tickets and the first one I saw was Lucky Millionaire, so I got it.” The ticket went home with him that night and to work the next day, unscratched. “I played it on a break and just sat there, staring. $50,000! It was just unbelievable.”

The Washington County resident called home with the news and finished his day at the shop. The winnings will go toward home repairs and into savings. “This came at a very good time for us,” the happy winner said. “Just when the need came up at home, the means to handle it fell into my hands.”

The Lucky Millionaire game still has plenty to offer scratch-off players. One of its $1 million top prizes remains as well as two $50,000 second-tier winning tickets. To visit the mechanic’s lucky store, stop at High’s #5 is located at 22550 Jefferson Boulevard in Smithburg.