Mechanicsville Woman Lands on a Win with MONOPOLY ™ Scratch-Off

Melinda Wenger - Monopoly

Claims $50,000 Top Prize

Melinda Wenger, from Mechanicsville, was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that she’d won $50,000 on the MONOPOLY™ scratch-off when she arrived at Lottery Headquarters.

The 37-year-old, who is a big fan of the board game-inspired ticket, was cashing in another MONOPOLY™ win when she purchased the $50,000 winner. “I’ve done pretty well with this one,” she told officials. “I had only played it once or twice before and I think I won each time.”

Melinda, a hairdresser, scratched the ticket at home and was in shock when she discovered her good fortune. Her disbelief had not lessened a bit in the days between the win and her visit to the Lottery’s claim center. Even sitting in the Lottery’s Winner’s Lounge, Melinda said, “I know this all has to be a dream.”

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Melinda will use her MONOPOLY™ prize to pay bills and maybe purchase a classic car that she and her husband have “had their eyes on.” The ticket was purchased at Vino 2 Wine & Liquors, located at 30320 Triangle Drive in Mechanicsville.

There are currently one top-prizes remaining on the ticket. Players may also enter non-winning MONOPOLY™ tickets for additional $50,000 bonus drawings. To enter the bonus drawings, players must submit their non-winning MONOPOLY™ tickets at