Med Student/Bartender ‘All Shook Up’ Over Jackpot Win

Wins $100,000 with Green Streak scratch-off

Green StreakA Baltimore medical student, who is also part-time bartender, was going through her morning routine of scratching a couple of brand new Green Streak scratch-offs when she was served a cocktail of excitement and disbelief. Luck struck, revealing a momentous $100,000 prize as she swept the ticket side to side with a quarter from her lucky change bucket.

Winning numbers began to appear all over her scratch-off in five hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands. When she had finished she told her boyfriend that she was feeling light-headed. “I was about to faint,” she said. The tally for the scratch-off added up to a $100,000 top-prize.

The lucky lady says she feels relieved, knowing that with the prize she’ll have the ability to pay off her student loans and pay in full for her future tuition at UMBC, completing her education debt-free. The winning ticket was purchased at the Long Ford Gulf on Reisterstown Road in Baltimore. The Green Streak scratch-off has five $100,000 prizes remaining.