Medal Madness Promotion’s Bronze Medal Winner Claims $25,000 Prize

Shawn Davis - Medal Madness

Shawn Davis and her husband pose with their $25,000 Medal Madness win.

The summer games may have ended, but the winning continued at Maryland Lottery headquarters when a still-surprised Shawn Davis arrived on Friday afternoon to claim her Bronze Medal prize. Shawn’s envelope was drawn from over 100,000 entries received in the Medal Madness promotion, which required players to collect bronze, medal and gold logos on their Lottery terminal tickets.

Shawn, an avid Lottery player, said that she was initially suspicious when she received a letter from the Lottery via UPS informing her that she had won.  “I had completely forgotten that I entered the contest,” she said.  “I also didn’t think you would send a letter about it!”  When Lottery officials told Davis that she hadn’t put a phone number on her entry, the details came flooding back: “Now I remember…I didn’t think I had enough space for my phone number so I just put my address on there.”

Shawn, who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by her husband of 14 years, said that the letter didn’t state the amount of money she had won making her further suspicious.  “I checked the Lottery’s website for my name before believing that the letter was real.” She said.  “When I saw my name and how much I won, I was stunned!”  Home on vacation from work when discovering her good fortune, Shawn was able to come to the Lottery’s Claim Center the very next day.  “It was meant to be,” she said.

The lucky winner and her husband who both work for the state have two adult children and two teenage grandchildren. When asked what they were planning on doing with the money, they said in unison, “Put it in the bank.”  Shawn added, “I am going to take my husband out to a restaurant, though.  I’m thinking Bonefish Grill.”  Her husband replied, “Nope, a big IHOP breakfast is good for me.”  Shawn then jumped in, “I think we can afford to do both.”