Mega Millions Group Wins $250,000

After two years of playing Mega Millions together, a group-of-seven just won a big prize.  Although they fell one number short of winning the jackpot, the Baltimore-area co-workers still walked away with a second-tier $250,000 prize. The “leader” of the group came to Lottery headquarters today to claim the prize from the March 4th drawing.

The 39-year-old who purchases the tickets said she alternated between using birthdays and buying random numbers.  On March 9th, she checked the tickets online and found out the group won $250,000. After taxes, each winner will receive approximately $23,400.  With her share, the “leader” plans to share with family, pay bills, and maybe take a vacation.  The winning ticket was purchased at Wally’s Country Store, located at 19200 Middletown Road in Parkton.

Two second-tier $250,000 Mega Millions tickets remain unclaimed.  Those tickets purchased at BWI Airport on February 8th and Big Daddy’s BBQ & Discount Liquors in Lanham on November 16th.  Winners have 182 days from the drawing date to claim the prize.