Mega Millions is Just the Prescription for Hospital Staff

15 Co-Workers Share $10,000 Third-Tier Prize

Mercy Hospital GroupCrowding the Winners’ Lounge at Lottery Headquarters, the 15-strong contingent from Mercy Hospital buzzed about their $10,000 windfall. Though their respective cuts of the money amounts to just over $430, the billing department employees were none-the-less delighted with their prizes.

Their designated spokesperson, Terry Bachman, explained the group’s weekly Mega Millions purchasing practices. “We started this a little over two years ago,” said Terry. “We each contribute $6 a week.”  Terry buys the tickets from different retailers, usually opting for Quick Picks. The group has won $150 twice in the past and feels confident that this most recent win is the next step in their trip to hitting the jackpot. “The big one is coming,” echoed throughout the room.

Terry began making calls to share the good news after discovering that one of their tickets matched all but one number. Word quickly spread and plans for the money were made. “I’m going to Atlantic City,” said Judy Loftus. “I’m buying a ticket for Florida to go celebrate my birthday,” added Sheila Myers-Barrante.  Though non-committal about his plans for the money, Tim Carlisle chimed in, “I was grinning from ear-to-ear.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Chartley Liquors, located at 122 Chartley Rd. in Reisterstown.